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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Are You In Love With...?

Are You In Love With...?

This is your friendly neighborhood copywriter and
marketing consultant Edward Santosh
coming to

you with today's edition of podcast titled:

Are you in love with your clients?

Or more appropriate:

Do your clients love you?

How to fall in love with your clients?

You want the simple answer:


Focus on their problems, desires & wants.

Come up with solutions.

And educate them.

Thru free reports.

Thru free consultations.

Thru free trials.

Robert Kiyasaki the legendary author

says he gives away what he wants in his life.

By giving away money, he says he recieves lots

of it.

Do you think I am giving you something valuable here?

Do you think this is useful to you?

Why not send me an email or a comment?

By the way before I forget, let me add:

I love you.

This is Edward Santosh, your friendly

neighborhood copywriter and marketing

consultant signing off for the day.

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