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Saturday, January 20, 2007

3 Ingredients Of A Successful Marketing Mindset

This is your friendly neighborhood copywriter

and marketing consultant Edward Santosh
coming to

you with today's edition of podcast titled:

3 Ingredients Of A Successful Marketing Mindset

The podcasts are becoming more and more infrequent.

I promised you three a week minimum.

Almost half of this week is gone and this is my

first podcast for this week.

As I am sucked in by more and more work for my

mentors and my clients, I find it increasingly

difficult to come to you.

Anyway, let's see the 3 most important ingredients

of a successful marketing mindset.

1. Calculate The Lifetime Value Of Your Client:

When you know it exactly, you know how much you

can afford to spend on gaining a new customer.

Rather than shooting in the dark, you can move

forward confidently.

2. What Kind Of Guarantee You Can Give?

If you give a 30 day guarantee, see if you can

give 60 day one. If you give 60 day, see if you

can give a 90 day one.

In short give the longest guarantee period that

you can give. Of course that goes without saying

you sell great products and services.

3. Do you do Word Of Mouth?

If you want to use the cheapest mode of advertising,

then this is the way to go.

Train your clients to refer you, recommend you

and carry your flag, you have hit gold.

Think about it.

Do something about it.

This is your friendly neighborhood copywriter

and marketing consultant Edward Santosh

signing off for the day.

See ya tomorrow.

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